The Cluster Busted

A narrative explaining the mechanism of cluster headaches and its similarities with other degenerative brain disorders.

What are they?

Cluster Headaches are one of the many degenerative brain diseases (DBDs) that people with “dead spots” can aquire as the brain ages and the dead spot moves into a high traffic intersection where it can cause a short circuit.

Degenerative Brain Diseases (DBSs)

It is “degenerative” because it gets worse as you get older. Traditional science calls it a “disease” because they feel it is “progressing” or growing inside you. It is in a way, but it is really being folded under and being pushed into a lower eneregy zone of the brain, inside dense matter, closer to everyday nerve functions, that operate on low level short distance electricity. 

“Dead spots” cause short circuits which we call DBDs.

It’s such a small thing, but now it’s in the “danger zone”.

They say the brain is the last frontier and they are correct. One day we will be able to map out the dead spots and plant tiny electricial bypasses inside the head. Wirelessly. 

The Laws

Chemistry and physics do not lie. A chemical or physical reaction always occurs according to its laws. That’s why we can land a rover on Mars without running out of gas or missing a moving planet.

There are a few important laws to remember regarding DBDs.

  1. Electricity always follows the path of least resistance. (PoLR)
  2. Volume and pressure are inversely related.  This is called Boyle’s law.
  3. Chemical bonds betweem molecules change according to Boyle’s law.

When the pressure increases, the volume decreases in size.
Things get closer and tighter in formation.

When the pressure decreases, the volume increases in size. 

Things get wider and weaker in formation.

The molecules in your brain are governed by chemistry and physics.
Your brain has an equilibrium where it is most balanced.

Why is it important?
In high pressure weather, chemical bonds in your head are tighter.
In low pressure weather, chemical bonds are looser.

Who gets them?

Anyone who has ever had a head  injury. Veterans, Football players, Skateboarders, the list goes on.

The Bump

Some people don’t remember it. It didn’t have to be hard. Could have been a baby falling off a couch. Slipping on ice or a wet floor. Diving into the shallow end of the pool.

Any bump to the skull will have an effect on the nerves and neurons that lie below the point of impact. If strong enough, it can damage or kill them.

You brain grows from the top down. It is constantly folding the older parts underneath the new. This is where and how our brain grows.  

Blue Brain with Spots
After an impact the dead neurons grow down into the folds.

An injury can kill a neuron intersection that later folds deeper into a lower section of the brain. Eventually this dead spot finds itself at the bottom of a canyon in an important intersection, where it becomes a “deadly” unconductive intersection.

The Blackspot

It is probably from 10 – 15 years ago. Has shifted progressively deeper as your brain grew.  If you were younger and had many, you most likely increase your chances of suffering from these short circuits.

The dead neuron became known as a black spot. In the future, the mapping of the black spots throughout the brain will provide a better diagnosis tool for what is now called DBDs.

Map of DBDs on Brain
The black spots can grow into a variety of important intersections.
A video of the black spots on human brains.


Why do they start?

It’s a short circuit that turns into a loop.

The Electricity

Electricity is found throughout the human body. Your brain controls the different systems with it. This includes your heart, lungs, muscles, everything.

Humans are giant antennae. Everything about us is a receiver of electricity. We receive electricity and our brain converts it into colored light, sounds, memories, feelings.  Everything in the world has electricity, including your brain.

Nerves and neurons are the wires of these systems for the brain. The  electrical charge running thru each system carries important information for the brain.  Each system has a unique frequency which allows the brain to differentiate them properly.

Brain Frequencies
Your brain operates on electricity with many different frequencies.

By using separate wires and frequencies, the brain can process information more quickly, accurately and efficiently. Each wire corresponds to a separate system and its unique frequency.

Higher level creative thinking takes place at the top of the brain making long distance connections. This involves a lot of energy to create and sustain.

Lower level energies correspond to everyday activities and requirements. These operate at a lower level inside the brain and electricity travels only a short distance. Many normal functions like the circulatory, respiratory and others operate here. 

Every system operates at unique voltages.  These voltages all flow thru nerves and neurons acting as our biological wires.

Brain Wires
Each nervous system function operates on its own frequency.

Unfortunately, at least one important intersection of these wires may be blocked, unable to transmit the electricity. The current cannot pass thru this dead area also known as a black spot.

The Short Circuit

The electricity builds until the nerve and neuron cannot contain the charge any longer. The current will find the path of least resistance (PoLR) so that it may continue.

This will involve creating a bypass by jumping onto another nearby nerve. This is problematic because the increase in charge is putting the new system’s wire over charge.  

This immediately gives the new nerve system a stimulation. The increase in charge that it is picked up by the brain is interpreted as “white noise” or a improper signal. 

Neurological Malfunction
Electricity will back up at a dead spot and then follow the PoLR.

This new nerve receives the charge and will act irregular and be forced  to dispearse this energy as well. It will also send a “white noise” message to the brain.

It is a cascading effect around tightly wound neighborly nerves. For cluster people it may go thru a few or many bypasses, but we really notice it when it hits the trigeminal nerve.

Trigeminal Nerve

The trigeminal nerve is the end of the line causing pain.

The Build Up

Over time the excess energy from the dead spot short circuit is now blasting thru all the bypasses and ending up at the TG nerve which has been releasing the energy thru heat at the sinuses and by growing in size (surface area), but can no longer continue to do so. 

By increasing in size, the TG nerve has been adding energy upon itself and maintaining equilibrium. Unfortunately, this can only go on so long until it is physically stopped by the sinuses and skull. As the pressure builds, the cluster victim experiences a full blown TG nerve attack, also known as a cluster headache.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

The TG nerve is built around a lot of other nerves also. Many of them react to the extra energy coming off of the TG nerve in negative ways. This can trip auto immune functions and many other internal reactions to false signals.

Sinus issues, allergy symptoms, tooth aches, sensitivity to smell and light are just a few of the additional negative effects.

The Cyclical Part

The electricity can go thru a couple of nerves, hit the TG, and then be released by the TG into another bunch of bypasses which may end up back at the TG in another location. This is quite common and creates a feedback loop or “cluster cycle”.  

Brain View
Its very easy for a short circuit to create a loop.

The electricity follows the PoLR, even if this leads back to itself and then creates another short circuit, causing more jumping, and so on.  This may lead back to the original nerve running into the black spot again.

Our muscle memory reacts to the nerves short circuits too.  A physical reaction takes place which happens every time. This reaction encourages the cycle to perpetuate. This is why you may have them on a regular schedule each day.

The Signal & The Garden

“White noise” causes pain and confusion for the brain.

It’s Always On

Before the TG nerve blew up, the brain was receiving “white noise” signals from multiple places.

These “white noise” signals continually flow to the brain for as long as a bypass is used by the electricity. For some people with a dead spot in a high traffic area, this can be 24/7. 

A cluster brain is in constant confusion trying to “see the picture”. It is constantly burning energy trying to “figure out” the pattern. It wants to understand the signal, only it can’t. This loop triggers a pain response.

White Noise
Can you interpret the signal?

You may hear it as ringing in your ears, pain in your jaw, shadows in your eyesight or a constant smell in your nose. You may have repetitive dreams, thoughts, actions. This is the signal and it is detrimental to your mental health because it harms your garden.

The Garden

Your brain has a garden of dopamine receptors. This garden is what allows you to feel pleasure. Sex, alcohol, winning something, enjoying the love of another, these “pleasures” take place because of chemicals in the garden.

When you are in pain you are hurting your garden. When you are sick, smoking, drinking, doing many ordinary things, you are hurting your garden.

Your garden wants to live a healthy life. No refined chemicals like pharmaceutical drugs. These high concentrates are unatural and scorch your garden so badly, it can’t grow back right away. 

The garden takes a short time to recover from some things and much, much longer to recover from refined chemicals, major toxins.

Brain and Neuron
The garden is where positive response feelings are triggered.

We are constantly hurting our garden and then having it grow back. For many normal people, living a balanced life, the damage they do during the day is fixed by their sleep at night. They are always at 100% and what we would call naturally happy people.

For other people, they may start drinking early, have cigarettes and then do a line of cocaine at night with some wine. This is a lot of damage with a long time for the garden to heal back.  They would be what we would call moody,  iritable or crazy. 

How long does it take to grow your garden back to healthy?

  • A drinking binge, maybe a day or two.
  • Smoking cigarettes maybe a week.
  • Everyday stress, hopefully a night, but can add up over time!
  • Taking some anti-depressants probably 2-3 months.
  • After a cluster cycle, somewhere between 7-14 weeks.

Why is this important?

When your garden is dirty, you will not be capable of experiencing happiness like you have in the past. This will make you feel depressed.

Perhaps your garden is 30% dirty from a stressful job and marriage and a few drinks every night. Maybe you are just maintaining at 70% clean, this is a noteable effect and you will be depressed or feel like you are always “going thru the motions” for nothing. 

Now perhaps your garden is scorced from weeks or months of triptan or opiode or some other refined chemical use. Your garden is dirty and constantly broken because everytime it tries to heal, the chemicals you continue to take are scorching it again and again.

Until finally, you cannot experience any happiness at all. You are frustrated from the pills and doctor visits not working. You are angry from the constant pain. You want to go off on someone, but the reality is that after you do, you still have this pain inside your head.

Many become depressed and feel like no one understands.

A scorched garden that is not growing back or very slow to heal is the reason why people with head injuries hurt others and commit suicide.