What are they?

Cluster Headaches are one of the many degenerative brain diseases (DBDs) that people with “dead spots” can aquire as the brain ages and the dead spot moves into a high traffic intersection where it can cause a short circuit.

Degenerative Brain Diseases (DBSs)

It is “degenerative” because it gets worse as you get older. Traditional science calls it a “disease” because they feel it is “progressing” or growing inside you. It is in a way, but it is really being folded under and being pushed into a lower eneregy zone of the brain, inside dense matter, closer to everyday nerve functions, that operate on low level short distance electricity. 

“Dead spots” cause short circuits which we call DBDs.

It’s such a small thing, but now it’s in the “danger zone”.

They say the brain is the last frontier and they are correct. One day we will be able to map out the dead spots and plant tiny electricial bypasses inside the head. Wirelessly. 

The Laws

Chemistry and physics do not lie. A chemical or physical reaction always occurs according to its laws. That’s why we can land a rover on Mars without running out of gas or missing a moving planet.

There are a few important laws to remember regarding DBDs.

  1. Electricity always follows the path of least resistance. (PoLR)
  2. Volume and pressure are inversely related.  This is called Boyle’s law.
  3. Chemical bonds betweem molecules change according to Boyle’s law.

When the pressure increases, the volume decreases in size.
Things get closer and tighter in formation.

When the pressure decreases, the volume increases in size. 

Things get wider and weaker in formation.

The molecules in your brain are governed by chemistry and physics.
Your brain has an equilibrium where it is most balanced.

Why is it important?
In high pressure weather, chemical bonds in your head are tighter.
In low pressure weather, chemical bonds are looser.