Who gets them?

Anyone who has ever had a head  injury. Veterans, Football players, Skateboarders, the list goes on.

The Bump

Some people don’t remember it. It didn’t have to be hard. Could have been a baby falling off a couch. Slipping on ice or a wet floor. Diving into the shallow end of the pool.

Any bump to the skull will have an effect on the nerves and neurons that lie below the point of impact. If strong enough, it can damage or kill them.

You brain grows from the top down. It is constantly folding the older parts underneath the new. This is where and how our brain grows.  

Blue Brain with Spots
After an impact the dead neurons grow down into the folds.

An injury can kill a neuron intersection that later folds deeper into a lower section of the brain. Eventually this dead spot finds itself at the bottom of a canyon in an important intersection, where it becomes a “deadly” unconductive intersection.

The Blackspot

It is probably from 10 – 15 years ago. Has shifted progressively deeper as your brain grew.  If you were younger and had many, you most likely increase your chances of suffering from these short circuits.

The dead neuron became known as a black spot. In the future, the mapping of the black spots throughout the brain will provide a better diagnosis tool for what is now called DBDs.

Map of DBDs on Brain
The black spots can grow into a variety of important intersections.
A video of the black spots on human brains.