Why do they start?

It’s a short circuit that turns into a loop.

The Electricity

Electricity is found throughout the human body. Your brain controls the different systems with it. This includes your heart, lungs, muscles, everything.

Humans are giant antennae. Everything about us is a receiver of electricity. We receive electricity and our brain converts it into colored light, sounds, memories, feelings.  Everything in the world has electricity, including your brain.

Nerves and neurons are the wires of these systems for the brain. The  electrical charge running thru each system carries important information for the brain.  Each system has a unique frequency which allows the brain to differentiate them properly.

Brain Frequencies
Your brain operates on electricity with many different frequencies.

By using separate wires and frequencies, the brain can process information more quickly, accurately and efficiently. Each wire corresponds to a separate system and its unique frequency.

Higher level creative thinking takes place at the top of the brain making long distance connections. This involves a lot of energy to create and sustain.

Lower level energies correspond to everyday activities and requirements. These operate at a lower level inside the brain and electricity travels only a short distance. Many normal functions like the circulatory, respiratory and others operate here. 

Every system operates at unique voltages.  These voltages all flow thru nerves and neurons acting as our biological wires.

Brain Wires
Each nervous system function operates on its own frequency.

Unfortunately, at least one important intersection of these wires may be blocked, unable to transmit the electricity. The current cannot pass thru this dead area also known as a black spot.

The Short Circuit

The electricity builds until the nerve and neuron cannot contain the charge any longer. The current will find the path of least resistance (PoLR) so that it may continue.

This will involve creating a bypass by jumping onto another nearby nerve. This is problematic because the increase in charge is putting the new system’s wire over charge.  

This immediately gives the new nerve system a stimulation. The increase in charge that it is picked up by the brain is interpreted as “white noise” or a improper signal. 

Neurological Malfunction
Electricity will back up at a dead spot and then follow the PoLR.

This new nerve receives the charge and will act irregular and be forced  to dispearse this energy as well. It will also send a “white noise” message to the brain.

It is a cascading effect around tightly wound neighborly nerves. For cluster people it may go thru a few or many bypasses, but we really notice it when it hits the trigeminal nerve.